User Photo Upload

Employee Full Name:
Employee Username/Email Address:
Current Location:
Enter the employee's full name name, username and current location. If you do not see the location the list select "Other". The email address will be their WORK email address not a personal email address.
Employee Hire Date:

Employee Access Levels:
Warehouse (Open Hours)Office (Open Hours)IT RoomAll Doors All Hours--TEMP--
Warehouse employees need a badge. Please enter their hire date and which access levels they will need. If they are a temp then the Warehouse Manager will issue them a temp badge.
Employee Photo:
Use the file upload tool to the left to upload the user photo. In order ensure that email presentations are unified and professional, please refrain from using photos that are not of the user. When selecting a photo to use, please be sure that the following guidelines are being followed:

  • The picture is head shot only.
  • The picture clearly shows the face, and no one else is seen in the photo.
  • The user has on business casual attire, and their presentation is professional.
    • The user is not wearing a hat, headgear or sunglasses.
    • The background is either a neutral solid color (preferably blue or white) or in a professional setting (somewhere in the store)
    • The users head is fully visible, level headed, and their expression is neutral or smiling.
    • The picture does not contain any offensive gestures or signage, sports teams, animals, etc.
    • In general avoid the "selfie" look. Be center but not so zoomed in as to only see the face.
Photos within guidelines:
Photos NOT within guidelines: